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A place where talent can thrive

At Ridder, our people are our key resource. That’s why we offer extensive development and training opportunities, so that you can continue to progress in your career.

Learn, develop and grow

Learn twice as much in half the time with an internship at Ridder

Join Ridder as a student and your new team will welcome you as a fully-fledged employee. That’s just one of the reasons why you can make such an impact here. You will gain practical experience while working with experienced people. Not only will you learn from them, but they will also expect to learn something from you. We have opportunities in various fields of study for students at the college and university level. Internships can be undertaken at our Maasdijk or Harderwijk offices in the Netherlands. Take a look at our internship openings or send an unsolicited application.

Learn, develop and grow 

Push your limits and choose the training course that suits you

Do you want to take that next step in your career? Or are you looking for a new challenge? At Ridder, we can offer you the opportunity to keep on learning and studying so that you can continue to improve and expand your skills.


In consultation with your manager, you can choose an accredited study programme that suits your goals best and that we will pay for. Clear and simple.

Learn, develop and grow

Share an idea, watch it grow and take the next step

All new products, services or features that we come up with are the result of our ‘let’s just do it’ mentality. Action rather than words. This means there are always dozens of amazing projects going on at Ridder at any time, giving you the chance to acquire skills that will serve you well into the future. At Ridder, we like to keep our finger on the pulse and work with you to ensure that you can continue to grow and develop every day.

Our vacancies

Wouter Oltheten

Former intern, now Product Engineer, Water Treatment

“As an intern at Ridder, I was given the opportunity to apply and increase my technological knowledge and skills in a practical setting. My internship at Ridder was very challenging, but the end result was really appreciated. I mostly worked independently, but whenever I had a problem, everyone was willing to help me. My internship assignment really felt like my own project that I was fully responsible for. I am now a Ridder employee and have been allowed to continue the project and further develop my design into a fully-fledged product. A unique opportunity that I am very grateful for.”

Jorge Gonzalez

Former intern, now Technical Consultant

‘’During my time as an intern I worked on the improvement of the Ridder CO2 Optimizer. This is an algorithm that combines both costs and benefits of supplying carbon dioxide to calculate the optimum CO2 concentration that the grower should have in the greenhouse. Doing my internship at Ridder allowed me to experience how science is applied in a commercial product and that was a very fulfilling experience. Now I work as a Technical Consultant and I am enjoying the challenge.’’