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Climate & Energy

All growers want the optimum greenhouse climate, so that they can get the best possible results from their crops. But growers are also entrepreneurs who need to keep an eye on their bottom line, and energy is a precious resource that needs to be used as efficiently as possible.

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Analysis & Management

Climate data, crop data, production data, financial data - the amount of data available to today’s grower is almost endless, and it comes from all across the organization, from multiple crops and locations. But what does all this data actually tell us, and how can we use it to increase the success of our crops and our organization?

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Labour costs are a major challenge for growers around the world, and finding good, well-motivated staff can be just as much of a challenge. Our user-friendly tools help growers to manage their workforce and motivate employees, while also providing an insight into the quality of work being done and the how their crops are doing.

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Sustainable water management in your greenhouse starts with Ridder. From easy-to-operate watering systems for your initial irrigation needs to large-scale fertigation units and environmentally friendly water purification and recirculation systems.

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System integration

Scaling up and internationalization mean that an increasing amount of value can be added through system integration. Our unique system solution for project mechanization, automation and digitization makes life so much easier for our customers and partners.

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About us

As an international family business, part of Ridder’s everyday work for the past 65 years has been developing solutions that can enable horticultural businesses and their suppliers make their companies and projects as successful as possible. Together with our global network of partners, we provide complete system solutions to create the ideal growing environment - from mechanical systems to digital services.

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