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Efficient fruit and vegetable cultivation

Together with end users, Ridder has developed a wide range of solutions to ensure that vegetables and soft fruit can be cultivated in greenhouses efficiently and fully in accordance with the grower’s cultivation strategy. These solutions can be used in greenhouses anywhere in the world, and can be fully customized for every type of crop, cultivation and level of expertise. 

Mexican tomato grower Productora Agrícola de Aguascalientes uses Ridder Productive management software to gain insight in worker activities, increase productivity and optimize operational processes.

These days, growers of fruiting vegetables and soft fruit are more entrepreneurs than ‘growers’. They need to have full insight and control over all processes within their operation, at all times. When it comes to key factors such as irrigation, climate control, energy consumption or labour productivity, any horticultural operation will find it difficult to succeed without automated solutions and support systems that allow them to manage these processes effectively.

Ridder provides an integrated solution that coordinates all the hardware and processes involved in the cultivation of vegetables and soft fruit, enabling all systems to work together seamlessly. From climate screens to climate computers and from water treatment systems to labour tracking systems and drive systems. Ridder has it all.


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However, the rapid advance of cultivation in a controlled environment brings challenges of its own. It involves thinking about automation, irrigation, fertigation, climate control, energy consumption, labour and management, for instance. There is significant demand for knowledge and technology to control production and crops in a clear and efficient manner.

Our account managers understand these challenges and will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. Feel free to contact us for advice without obligation.

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About Ridder

As an international family business, part of Ridder’s everyday work for the past 65 years has been developing solutions that can enable horticultural businesses and their suppliers make their companies and projects as successful as possible. Together with our global network of partners, we provide complete system solutions to create the ideal growing environment – from mechanical systems to digital services. In designing these products, we draw on all the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in the past. But above all else, we are a future-facing company, and we have a vision for the autonomous greenhouse of the future. That means moving towards a fully automated and intelligent growing environment.

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