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With the Ridder CoRanger Productive labour registration system, employee activities, crop operations and logistics systems are fully registered automatically in the greenhouse. The Ridder CoRanger technology provides an automatic data collection that results in a higher reliability of production data and considerable cost and time savings regarding the administration of production data from the greenhouse and packaging hall.

Labour registration with CoRanger Productive

  • Significant time savings through automatic labour registration

  • No terminals, apps or handheld systems

  • Reliable information, lower error rates 

  • Less administration and corrections 

  • More attention for the quality of the work

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Labour registration without manual input
Ridder CoRanger Productive is a fully automatic path registration system that registers data from actions such as harvesting, twining, pruning, and lowering fully automatically on the basis of a very accurate position determination in the greenhouse. As a result, employees no longer have to register actions, locations or carts themselves via input terminals, mobile apps or scanning systems. They can therefore fully focus on their work without administrative actions. This results in significant cost and time savings and also improves the quality and reliability of the harvest and labour registration.

Successful implementation at Duijvestijn Tomaten
Duijvestijn Tomaten in The Netherlands is the first greenhouse grower to use the Ridder CoRanger to register labour and harvest without manual input. After a successful test in the ID greenhouse of the Duijvestijn Innovation Center, ta new 10-hectare greenhouse was fully equipped with Ridder CoRanger Beacons at the beginning of this year. All employees wear the Ridder CoRanger tag in the new greenhouse. Trolleys and carts are also equipped with CoRanger tags.

“Thanks to CoRanger, no time is lost on entering data or the administration involved in correcting the data. Everything takes place safely in the background.”

Maaike Bracke-Verhoeven, labour manager Duijvestijn Tomaten

Indoor Positioning

Ridder CoRanger Productive uses Ridder’s patented CoRanger indoor positioning technology. CoRanger makes it possible to register the positions of employees, harvest carts or other objects in the greenhouse to an accuracy of 10 cm. The Ridder CoRanger Beacons installed in the greenhouse, together with the portable CoRanger Tags, form a high-quality infrastructure for monitoring activities.

Ridder CoRanger is fully integrated within the Ridder Productive work registration solutions. Based on the position of the employee and the work planning within the software of Ridder Productive, Ridder CoRanger knows exactly which operations take place in which zones. Because the carts and other logistical systems are also connected to the Ridder CoRanger system via the CoRanger Tags and Beacons, a very detailed and reliable registration can be generated without the employees having to do anything.


New standard for precision horticulture
In addition to using CoRanger to register production and labour with Ridder Productive, the CoRanger indoor positioning technology can be used for many more applications in the greenhouse. Ridder offers CoRanger as an open technology and new standard for precision horticulture. Ridder is happy to work with other developers and horticultural innovators who want to use Ridder CoRanger indoor positioning.


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