Ridder Light Diffusion Screens

Healthier and stronger crops, with diffuse ligh

Even distribution

of light

When daylight is distributed better and can penetrate further into the greenhouse, this benefits the quality and consistency of the crop. In addition, diffuse and indirect light reduces the risk of leaf scorching and plant stress. This maximizes crop health, resulting in higher yields. 

Ridder Light Diffusion Screens literally give your plants a place in the sun. Its knitted structure, in combination with the light-diffusion strips, ensures an even distribution of light. The screen also offers greater control over solar radiation and crop temperature, resulting in a better growing climate and higher yields. 

The standard Ridder Light Diffusion (RLD) climate screens have a closed structure, which results in energy savings and less condensation because the crop cools down more gradually in the evening. The RLD screen is particularly popular as a stand-alone screen solution for growers of pot plants, bedding plants and flowers. 

Do you need better light distribution and do you also want to make sure that your plants are adequately protected from sunlight during warmer periods? The Ridder Light Diffusion OPEN screen can provide that little bit of extra sun protection and cooling you’re looking for. Naturally, the RLD screens are also available in a fire-retardant version. 

Ridder Light Diffusion Screens maximize crop health, resulting in higher yields’

All the benefits of Ridder Light Diffusion Screens

Energy savings

Even distribution of light

Temperature control

Consistent crop quality

Moisture regulation

Ridder Light Diffusion Screens

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Our wide range of climate screens have been designed to help growers around the world to improve the climate in their greenhouses. By working closely with greenhouse builders and installers, we are able to find the perfect solution for even the most demanding screening requirements, in relation to light distribution, climate control, energy-saving, light exclusion (blackout) and protection from sunlight.

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