Ridder weather stations

Comprehensive data on the outdoor climate

The outdoor climate has a major effect on your growing conditions and cultivation strategy inside the greenhouse. That’s why a weather station is vital to greenhouse control. It plays a crucial role in anticipating and responding to extreme weather conditions. That way, you can ensure that the greenhouse structure doesn’t suffer damage during heavy winds or other severe weather.  

Ridder offers robust weather stations for fast and accurate measurements of outside influences, such as rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, PAR light and outgoing heat radiation. Ridder weather stations are available in various configurations, and each one can be adapted to suit any situation, location, greenhouse or crop. Measurements are relayed rapidly and accurately to the climate computer, so that it can automatically anticipate the changing weather conditions and make pinpoint adjustments to your cultivation strategy. 

Ridder can provide two different types of weather stations: 

Meteo Pro weather station

This advanced, all-in-one weather station is revolutionary in terms of monitoring outdoor conditions. Not only is our new weather station more compact and therefore easier to install, it is also more reliable and requires less maintenance because it has no moving parts.The Ridder Meteo Pro weather station also features additional readings compared to our previous model (Meteo CX), such as rain intensity, type of rain, barometric pressure and GPS location as standard. The new measurements help ensure more accurate control when rain is detected and provide a more precise reading of the CO2 level (through pressure compensation). The weather station is equipped with a RH (relative humidity) sensor, as standard.  Monitoring the RH outside is becoming increasingly important for ventilation and humidity control, especially in semi-closed greenhouses. 

All the benefits of the Meteo Pro weather station 

        • Accurate measurements


        • Compact


        • Easy to install


        • No moving parts 

Ridder Pyrgeometer

The Ridder Pyrgeometer enables growers to explore new boundaries in climate management without taking risks. Using the Ridder Pyrgeometer, you can open and close the energy-saving screen based on the level of outgoing heat radiation. If the outgoing radiation level is high, the screen should close sooner than if this level is low. This can be fully automated using a climate computer. It is also possible to influence the outside temperature at which the screen closes based on the outgoing radiation level. By measuring outgoing heat radiation, as well as plant temperature, fruit temperature and light level, you can maintain full control over every factor affecting the climate in your greenhouse. You can also include the outgoing radiation data in your heating strategy: by anticipating the outgoing radiation level, you can prevent the heating system from being set too high. 

All the benefits of the Ridder Pyrgeometer 

        • Accurate use of screens, based on outgoing radiation levels


        • Insight into heat losses


        • Anticipate increases in pipe temperature


        • No more surprises 
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