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Ridder ProDrain

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Many regular irrigation systems determine when it’s time to water the plants by measuring incoming sunlight, and by measuring the saturation level of the substrate based on the drainage percentage. But these factors are not always a reliable indication of when plants really need water. The Ridder ProDrain system means that from now on, growers can have more accurate information. 

Ridder ProDrain was developed to provide a better understanding of water uptake, transpiration and crop growth. The system measures the weight of the gutter plus the substrate, the weight of the crop and the volume of irrigation and drain water – 24 hours a day. This information can be used to check for undersaturation in the substrate, as well as to monitor water uptake, transpiration and crop growth. 

With Ridder ProDrain, the grower has the ultimate overview of how well the crop is growing. It also shows you how to optimize irrigation and the climate inside the greenhouse. Irrigation can also be controlled automatically based on the measurements taken by Ridder ProDrain.Optimized irrigation not only ensures that your crops will always have enough water, but also minimizes the amount of drain water. And the Ridder ProDrain means you can save on both water and fertilizers. 

'The computer shows me exactly how the crop is responding. We can monitor our drainage cycles very precisely, and our irrigation strategy is now based almost entirely on the results of the ProDrain measurements.'

Jake Neufeld, Vine Fresh Acres

All the benefits of ProDrain at a glance

Irrigate according to your plants’ needs

Better growing climate

Just the right amount of drain water

Improved production planning

Perfectly automated irrigation

Ridder ProDrain

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Ridder has developed a complete range of water management solutions. Thanks to these systems, you can provide precisely the right amount of irrigation water and fertilizers, and save on labour costs. And by using our smart water treatment systems, not only can you use water and fertilizers more efficiently, you can also help to reduce the environmental burden on our planet and reuse water in a smart way. Ridder’s water treatment systems can bring responsible, efficient water management to your greenhouse.

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