Ridder Energy Saving Screens

Transparent energy-saving screens for maximum light transmission


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Many growers want more control over their energy consumption. And they want to derive the maximum benefit from valuable daylight to help their plants thrive. 

Ridder has developed the Ridder Energy Saving Screen for crops that require intensive heating. This highly transparent energy-conserving climate screen prevents heat loss, allows valuable daylight in, and ensures the best possible climate for growing thanks to its excellent moisture-regulating properties. 

The Ridder Energy Saving Screen provides energy savings of up to 47% and guarantees a more consistent growing climate through effective temperature distribution. The clear, transparent fabric minimizes light loss. The fire-retardant versions of the Ridder Energy Saving Screen ensure maximum safety for the crop and peace of mind for the grower. The weave of the fabric reduces condensation and prevents water dripping onto the crop. The Ridder Energy Saving Screen is also available in a diffuse version.  

‘With a Ridder Energy Saving Screen, we can save energy without compromising on quality’

Geoffrey Goutoule, Simon Desbordes and Jacques Faurel, EcoSerre Tomate D’Auïtou

All the benefits of Ridder Energy Saving Screens

Energy savings

Maximum light transmission

Fire retardant

Optimum moisture balance

Various versions

Ridder Energy Saving Screens

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Climate screens from Ridder

Our wide range of climate screens have been designed to help growers around the world to improve the climate in their greenhouses. By working closely with greenhouse builders and installers, we are able to find the perfect solution for even the most demanding screening requirements, in relation to light distribution, climate control, energy-saving, light exclusion (blackout) and protection from sunlight.

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