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Ridder RW Motor Gearboxes

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Our RW motor gearboxes have long been the go-to solution among greenhouse builders. They have been developed specifically to give growers accurate control over the climate inside the greenhouse. The RW’s smart and reliable design means that it guarantees constant control of vent and screen positions, regardless of conditions, load or type of greenhouse. 

The Ridder RW is equipped with a compact and very reliable self-braking drive and is the standard in drive technology for glass greenhouses. Our wide range of RW motors includes many different models with various speeds, torques and voltages. This means that the same universal drive can be used for different projects, applications and systems. 

RW motors are easy to install and user-friendly. Greenhouse builders and installers like to work with our systems because they are so simple to install. The strength of our motors is in their reliability and the very high torque and peak load that they can handle. RW motors are highly dependable and have a long service life. 

‘We chose Ridder because we know we can rely on their services when people need replacement motors or components.’

Richard Vollebregt, Cravo

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Reliable operation

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Long service life

Suitable for a wide range of settings

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Ridder RW Motor Gearboxes

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Ridder RW Motor Gearboxes

With over 65 years of experience and a market share of 90% in the Netherlands, the cradle of international horticulture, Ridder is the market leader for reliable, self-locking drive systems for greenhouse operations. Growers, greenhouse builders and installers around the world have all come to rely on our knowledge, service and support.

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