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Sustainable and efficient management of water and nutrients 

Sustainable water management in your greenhouse starts with Ridder. From easy-to-operate watering systems for your initial irrigation needs to large-scale fertigation units and environmentally friendly water purification and recirculation systems.  

Water equals life, especially in the greenhouse, because irrigation plays a fundamental role in the plant’s assimilation process. During photosynthesis, the plant uses light and energy to convert water and CO2 into biomass and yields. The more control you have over this process, the better results you can achieve in terms of quality and yield.  

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Ridder’s water-treatment systems will bring efficient and responsible water management to your greenhouse. But just as no plant can do without water for a day, no grower can do without the automated systems that adjust the amount of water and fertilizers applied in perfect harmony with the needs of your crop. After all, good-quality irrigation water and fertilizers are becoming increasingly scarce, and dosing and reusing water and fertilizers efficiently, sustainably and accurately remains a constant challenge. 

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Ridder offers a completely integrated solution that will adjust irrigation to the needs of your plants. It is also possible to link up Ridder irrigation systems with our other systems which control climate and energy consumption in the greenhouse. This gives you the perfect solution for regulating the moisture balance of your crop.  The optimum moisture balance will result in better uptake of nutrients, better crop cooling and ultimately in higher yields and improved quality. By controlling irrigation, greenhouse climate, ventilation and air movements, you can optimize the moisture balance and the growth of your crop. 

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