Ridder SynCore

Ridder SynCore is an innovative system that ensures perfectly synchronous control of screen installations in large greenhouse complexes.

Extremely accurate screen positions
The intelligent Ridder SynCore system minimizes the risk of technical faults in screen installations and enhances the accuracy of the control system. The Ridder Syncore system is characterized by its simple installation and high user-friendliness thanks to state-of-the-art integrated components and a digital interface.

The modular Ridder SynCore System consists of a SynCore RW Motor Unit on each individual drive as well as a central SynCore Control Panel. The intelligent touch-interface PLC control in the SynCore Control Panel regulates the synchronous control of up to six screen motors and ensures high-precision screening through the whole greenhouse. Because Ridder SynCore is a modular system, there is always a suitable replacement or solution for installers, greenhouse builders or end users.

Why Ridder SynCore?

  • Perfectly synchronized screens

  • Optimal and stable greenhouse climate

  • Extended lifespan of screen installation

  • No technical faults

  • User-friendly

  • Modular system


Ridder SynCore RW Motor Unit – Control unit fitted directly onto the RW motor gearboxes, provides position feedback and maximum control of the drive unit.

Ridder SynCore Control Set – Central control cabinet in the greenhouse, ensures the synchronous control of a system of up to six RW motors.

“Unique digital feedback enhances screen system accuracy and reliability”

Martijn Keijzer, Kwekerij Overgaag

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Easy to install

Ridder SynCore provides unique digital feedback that relays the exact positions of the screen motors. This digital signal means that the installation process is also much simpler than regular synchronized control systems. The intelligent components in the Ridder SynCore system can also display valuable information from the screen installation.

For example, the system can monitor the load on the drive motors, and provide maintenance information or even warnings. This improves the reliability of the entire screening system, and extends its lifespan.’

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