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Ridder rack drives

Low-maintenance drive units for optimum greenhouse ventilation

Rack drives are low-maintenance drive units that can be used to open and close greenhouse air vents. The rack drive converts the torque in the gearmotor in order to position the windows or screens to exactly the position that you need.  

Rack drives help you to achieve the best possible climate inside the greenhouse by positioning the air vents or climate screens with a high degree of accuracy. Ridder rack drives are also very reliable. 

Ridder offers various models of rack drives that are suitable for controlling air vents and screens in both glass greenhouses and poly film greenhouses. Our range includes TU rack drives, truss-rail drives, swing ventilation and pull-push screens.  

All the benefits of Ridder rack drives at a glance:

Extremely reliable

Highly accurate

Wide range of different rack drive models

The best rack drive for every greenhouse

Ridder rack drives

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