Ridder RPR PowerRoller

Quick, simple and crease-free winding and unrolling of sidewall screens

Smooth winding

and unrolling

Roller screen systems are the ideal method for controlling the climate inside the greenhouse and screening off sidewalls. In order to provide maximum control of your screens, it is important that they can be raised and lowered smoothly and without creasing. The Ridder PowerRoller is the ideal solution. This innovative and powerful drive system allows you to roll longer sections of poly film or screening up and down neatly and easily, and without creasing. This also extends the lifespan of your screening system.Another advantage is the system’s compact design, which means that the Ridder PowerRoller can be used in any glass or poly greenhouse. The system is also very simple to install. 

The Ridder PowerRoller can be used for applications along the sidewall of the greenhouse, but also to operate roof-mounted roller screens. The Ridder PowerRoller can be delivered in combination with the Ridder counter weight system. This guarantees an extremely smooth winding and unrolling movement, further reducing the formation of creases.In short, the Ridder PowerRoller is a highly reliable and simple way to operate roller screens in the greenhouse.  

‘The Ridder PowerRoller provides maximum control of your sidewall roller screens, and therefore of the climate inside the greenhouse’

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Ridder PowerRoller

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