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With the Ridder Sun Shading Screen, your crop will be protected from direct sunlight during the day, and you can achieve maximum energy savings at night. The RSS screens are particularly useful for greenhouse crops that require milder conditions and that involve the use of ventilation or cooling systems, but are also suitable for tropical conditions. As a standalone solution, the screen is very popular with growers who need a screen that provides both shade and a cool environment, while also saving energy. 

Using the closed-structure version of the Ridder Sun Shading Screen, growers can achieve energy savings of up to 68 percent. The open version of the RSS screen ensures maximum cooling in tropical climates. The screen enables you to maximize crop yields and quality by protecting your crop from direct sunlight. The screens also help to regulate moisture, which reduces the risk of condensation in the event of a sudden drop in temperature. In short, RSS screens provide control over sunlight and temperature in every climate. 

The Ridder Sun Shading Screen protects my crop from direct sunlight and creates the right climate for growth’

All the benefits of the Ridder Sun Shading at a glance

Energy savings

Cooling effect

Consistent quality

Moisture regulation

Ridder Sun Shading Screen

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Our wide range of climate screens have been designed to help growers around the world to improve the climate in their greenhouses. By working closely with greenhouse builders and installers, we are able to find the perfect solution for even the most demanding screening requirements, in relation to light distribution, climate control, energy-saving, light exclusion (blackout) and protection from sunlight.

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