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Giving you a complete, at-a-glance overview of your greenhouse business, technical systems, indoor climate, irrigation systems and cultivation strategy. Trends, changes, notifications, alarms, influences and settings; Ridder Synopta allows you to access and manage them all from one place, at any time. This puts every detail at your fingertips – quickly and easily. In short: turning complexity into simplicity. Ridder Synopta can make it happen.

With Ridder Synopta, you can operate advanced greenhouse facilities with very little effort. Synopta analyses data from tables, graphs and calculations, and displays a clear summary of this data in symbolic representations. This gives you effective insight at all times, helping you to determine the best strategy for optimizing cultivation.

Ridder Synopta includes an extensive range of features that enable you to define your own influences, configure personalized pages, and create setpoint graphs and readout pages. It is the most complete and versatile control software available, allowing you to manage every aspect of your greenhouse down to the last detail.

Ridder Synopta can be linked to a variety of platforms: 

        • Ridder CX500 (a versatile and simple process computer that can grow as your business grows)


        • Ridder MultiMa (the most powerful and flexible process computer for controlling the climate, water treatment and irrigation)


        • Ridder ProDrain (for monitoring plant transpiration and substrate)


        • Ridder Vitalite (for disinfecting recirculated water)


        • Ridder CO2 Optimizer (for optimizing your CO2 supplementation strategy)


        • Ridder DLI Controller (for optimizing your lighting strategy)


        • Ridder IoT (for linking wireless sensors)


        • Ridder Aqua CX300 (irrigation software)


        • Ridder WFC (weather forecast) 

“We don’t need to make constant adjustments, which saves a lot of time programming the settings. We now have more stable control of the humidity level in our greenhouse, which ultimately results in a better quality product and higher production levels.”

Richard Juffer, Fresunto

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Data-driven control

Push alarms

Symbolic views

Personalized summaries

Versatile software package

Ridder Synopta

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