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Ridder HortiMaX-Go!

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All growers want maximum control over the climate and irrigation in their greenhouse. This is, after all, crucial for achieving the best possible yields. But growers do not always want or have the means to invest in expensive, complex and advanced control systems. On the other hand, basic controllers do not always give growers the level of control they are after. The Ridder HortiMaX-Go! is the perfect solution in that case.  

The Ridder HortiMaX-Go! is a simple, modular and affordable control system for automating both the climate and irrigation in the greenhouse. This two-in-one system is unique, and gives growers maximum insight and control. The system is easy to adapt and expand as your business grows, so you can just pick the basic components, features and controls that suit your current needs. A tailor-made solution!

On top of that, the Ridder HortiMaX-Go! is user-friendly and easy to access, thanks in part to the intuitive touchscreen controls and mobile remote control.  

“The Ridder HortiMaX-Go! enables you to monitor every aspect of the greenhouse environment. The system also gives you maximum control of the climate and irrigation at all times.”

Juan Manuel Salvador, Jumadi Electricidad

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An integrated solution

Easy to install

Low investment costs

A breeze to operate

Always accessible via app and cloud

Ridder HortiMaX-Go!

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