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Smart and innovative business management means working on growth and yields together

Climate data, crop data, production data, financial data – the amount of data available to today’s grower is almost endless, and it comes from all across the organization, from multiple crops and locations. But what does all this data actually tell us, and how can we use it to increase the success of our crops and our organization?

Ridder HortOS offers large-scale horticultural enterprises a centralized environment, to make it easier for them to work collaboratively towards shared goals. Not only does it give you access to financial and operational data from multiple crops, greenhouses and locations, but it also transforms that data into actionable information and clear insights – so you can make the right decisions yourself or have HortOS make them for you fully automatically. Whether it involves day-to-day greenhouse operations or long-term strategic decisions, HortOS enables the entire organization to work together to drive growth and profitability.

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Ridder HortOS is a safe environment where relevant information is provided centrally, always displayed clearly and in the context of the goals and expectations that have been specified. Setting these goals, the strategy needed to achieve them and budgeting for the resources required can all be done within HortOS. The result is reliable and up-to-date decision support information, which makes managing a large-scale horticultural business across multiple locations much easier – and much more successful.

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