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Control and optimization – that’s what every grower wants. Ridder Productive can help you achieve that. This flexible labour management software is the ideal tool to help you optimize the way you deploy your workforce, monitor quality and manage operational processes.Ridder Productive includes various hardware and software solutions that collect a range of data, providing you with the ultimate in insight and control. It’s a flexible and comprehensive solution that has been designed specifically for use in horticulture.  

Ridder Productive supports you in various areas of your business. At its core is a flexible production-tracking system and labour-management system. This helps you to deploy your workforce more efficiently and save on labour costs.As well as providing you with information on each location, crop and individual worker performance, it has a range of other functions which give you even more control over your greenhouse. For example, you can log information on pests and diseases, so that you always have the most up-to-date picture of how your crop is doing. That means you can intervene early and monitor the results of your pest-control strategy down to the last detail. Ridder Productive also gives growers more insight into their logistics processes, product quality and processing.  

Recording data gives you the knowledge that you need, as a grower, so that you can make the right decisions. It helps you optimize your production, get the most out of workers, minimize risks and resolve any bottlenecks. Full insight and control over quality, performance and productivity. 

'Ridder Productive helps us to motivate staff and ensures a fair wage for their work.'

Saul Villalobos, United Farms

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Labour systems from Ridder

In partnership with end users, Ridder has developed versatile tracking and management systems that convert your data into improved insight and control. They enable you to motivate your employees, make changes and adjustments where necessary and save on labor costs. In addition to improving performance, our systems provide insight into quality and crop production, enabling you to monitor and optimize work processes based on business-process analytics. Ridder’s management and tracking systems will enable you to maximize the overall viability of your greenhouse or horticultural operation - on a permanent basis.

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