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There are various ways of adding labour and production data to a workforce tracking system. Whichever method you prefer, every Ridder system guarantees that the data is added to Ridder Productive correctly.  

Despite the growing popularity of mobile and wireless data entry, traditional fixed-wire terminal networks are still popular in horticultural businesses around the world. This is a stable, effective method of adding data to Ridder Productive.  

If you prefer to use fixed terminals, docking stations will be installed at certain locations. That makes it an affordable and flexible solution for every greenhouse operation.  

And the system is easy to use, too, thanks to the icons and the numeric keypad. Employees can identify themselves using a personal ID code or an RFID tag.   

The docking stations charge the terminals and provide communication across the network.  

‘The icons on the keyboard make it so simple to enter data’

Arno Loos, Kwekerij Loos

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Ridder Productive Terminal Network

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In partnership with end users, Ridder has developed versatile tracking and management systems that convert your data into improved insight and control. They enable you to motivate your employees, make changes and adjustments where necessary and save on labor costs. In addition to improving performance, our systems provide insight into quality and crop production, enabling you to monitor and optimize work processes based on business-process analytics. Ridder’s management and tracking systems will enable you to maximize the overall viability of your greenhouse or horticultural operation - on a permanent basis.

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