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Ridder RB tubular motor

The most compact system for sidewall screens in glass greenhouses

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Sidewall screens play a vital role in glasshouse horticulture. Whenever it gets too light, too dark, too cold or too warm in the glasshouse, you can manage the climate inside the glasshouse using screens. The screens are operated by tubular motors which are located inside the rollers on which the roller screens are mounted. The system makes it so simple to open and close the screens.

Ridder developed the RB tubular motor especially for roller screen systems along sidewalls. It’s a smart, compact design that minimizes the shadow that is cast inside the glasshouse. Easy to install, quiet, and low maintenance. A reliable solution that will make your life much easier!

‘The Ridder RB tubular motor gives you ultimate control of the climate screens along the sidewall of your glasshouse’

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Ridder RB tubular motor

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Ridder RB tubular motor in action

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