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Dosing water and nutrients is one of the most crucial processes in any horticultural operation. Irrigation and fertilization (or ‘fertigation’ for short) are crucial to the productivity and quality of your crop, and therefore the viability of your business. So reliable and efficient fertigation is an absolutely critical process for every grower. 

An automated dosing system, such as the Ridder FertiMiX units, can provide the perfect solution. The Ridder FertiMiX enables you to manage irrigation and fertilization easily, efficiently and accurately, so that you can achieve optimum crop quality and growth and healthy returns. 

The mixing tank fillers and fertigation units are suitable for all types of substrate as well as hydroponic cultivation, and they can be tailored to a range of different settings and scales. This means that every grower can find the perfect settings, saving them money on irrigation and fertilizer costs. And that’s essential, because every drop counts!

'The Ridder FertiMiX means that I can manage irrigation and fertilization easily, efficiently and accurately. It allows me to achieve the best possible quality and production.'

Customer: AgroTrade
Partner: SeraTek

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Ridder FertiMiX

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Water Treatment systems from Ridder

Ridder has developed a complete range of water management solutions. Thanks to these systems, you can provide precisely the right amount of irrigation water and fertilizers, and save on labour costs. And by using our smart water treatment systems, not only can you use water and fertilizers more efficiently, you can also help to reduce the environmental burden on our planet and reuse water in a smart way. Ridder’s water treatment systems can bring responsible, efficient water management to your greenhouse.

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