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Ridder CX500

A solid solution for maximum control of climate, irrigation and energy processes



One centralized and flexible system for automating and managing all equipment and systems in your greenhouse. That’s the Ridder CX500 in a nutshell. This control system gives you optimum control when it comes to climate, irrigation, water treatment and energy management. The process computer is reliable and simple, and designed to be flexible without unnecessary features. After all, why make things hard for yourself when you can make them easy?  

The system is modular, so easy to expand and upgrade. This enables you to tailor the Ridder CX500 to your needs and experience as a grower. So the process computer can literally grow as your knowledge or business grows. And lets not forget: you only pay for the features you actually use or need. 

Ridder Synopta user interface
The Ridder CX500 is operated using our advanced Ridder Synopta control software. This software package is known for its extensive range of features and unparalleled setting options, enabling you to define controls, influences and calculations. This offers growers the ultimate freedom to control processes according their individual needs.

Ridder Synopta

A wide range of sensor equipment
Ridder offers a comprehensive range of individual sensors and multi-sensor units for all its climate computers. This enables you to monitor both the climate and the crop in your greenhouse. Ridder systems are also compatible with third-party sensors. This is ideal if you want to replace an existing system.  


"The visual part of the user interface is clear and intuitive, so people can easily find the data they’re looking for. Everyone here has had no trouble getting to the grips with the new technology!"

Ernesto Oliveros, Agrícola Oliveros

All the benefits of the Ridder CX500 at a glance

Easy to install and operate


Modular and scalable

Integrated solution

Ridder CX500

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Do you also want maximum control over the processes in your greenhouse? Why not get in touch with our sales manager Arjen Janmaat? He will be happy to tell you all about the capabilities of the Ridder CX500.

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Our smart, user-friendly automatic control systems feature a complete range of environmental control functions. These systems allow greenhouse operations to continue growing in both scale and complexity, while operators will have no problem mastering new aspects of the system as it is upgraded. Our climate computers are specifically designed to help you manage scarce resources such as energy, water and other resources, so you can produce crops with maximum efficiency.

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