HortOS Yield

The most robust yield prediction for tomato growers

In today’s dynamic horticultural environment, making informed decisions is critical for maximizing yield and profitability. With variables like temperature, lighting, and humidity influencing the growth process, relying solely on intuition or outdated methods can be risky. That is why we developed Ridder HortOS Yield—a powerful tool designed to support your decision-making. HortOS Yield is the module for accurate tomato crop yield prediction, that uses a plant-based model and real-time crop weight feedback (using the Ridder Growth Monitor or ProDrain) to accurately forecast yields. Resulting in the right crop yields and fruit sizes, at the right time and thus greater profitability. Additionally, it provides insight into the crop balance (vegetative vs generative). With HortOS Yield growers gain confidence in their operational decisions with a robust and trustworthy decision-support tool.

  • Decision Support at its Best
    Use Ridder HortOS Yield as a reliable ally in making informed operational and sales decisions, from crop strategy to labor allocation.

  • Advanced Technology with a Human Touch
    Combine real-time crop weight data, sophisticated crop modelling, and expert consultations to make data-driven decisions.

  • Perfect Integration with Ridder Systems
    Achieve seamless integration with Ridder’s renowned climate control and labor management software, streamlining operations.

  • For Every Tomato Variaty
    Compatible with all types of tomatoes, including cherry, plum, TOV, and more.

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HortOS Yield Explained

Empowerment Through Insights

  • Optimize Operations
    Draw from actionable insights to refine processes and enhance efficiency.

  • Risk Awareness
    Stay a step ahead with accurate yield forecasts to prepare for production variability.

  • Strategic Decisions
    Leverage detailed insights on crop development from the digital twin for comprehensive crop and climate strategy planning.

  • Adaptable Precision
    In a diverse growing environment, trust Ridder HortOS Yield to provide adaptable and relevant yield insights.

A Closer Look at Growth Monitor

Ridder Growth Monitor measures the actual weight of the crop, giving the grower direct feedback on the daily crop growth. Growth Monitor removes the uncertainty of crop performance. Humidity, irrigation, light levels, greenhouse structure, all affect the crop in different ways and the Growth Monitor gives direct feedback on the combined effect of all those influences. The measured daily crop growth provides our Yield Module and its algorithm with the necessary data to adapt to your specific crop.

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The Future of Decision Support in Horticulture

Navigate the complexities of tomato cultivation with an ally in decision-making. Ridder HortOS Yield supports growers’ decision-making to ensure they produce the right volume of tomatoes, optimized for market demands. Harness the potential of Ridder’s HortOS Yield to refine your cultivation approach, optimize operations, and enhance profitability, all with the assurance of realistic, actionable insights.

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Why Choose HortOS Yield?

  • Real-time Insights
     Get continuous updates on tomato crop performance, aiding strategic decisions.

  • Robust Modeling
    Delve deeper into crop behavior with our advanced plant physiological processes.

  • Set Realistic Expectations
    Benefit from precise yield predictions, based on measurements and optimized for real-world scenarios.

  • Your Cultivation Blueprint
    Design cultivation strategies backed by long-term yield projections and our team’s expertise.

Your Decision-making Ally in Tomato Cultivation

When you need clarity, accuracy, and a trusted decision-making tool, look no further than Ridder HortOs Yield.

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