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An extensive range of high-quality sensors

Process automation in horticulture largely depends on high-quality sensor technology that provides accurate and reliable measurements. But in addition to being accurate, sensors need to be robust and able to withstand even the harshest conditions. Ridder offers a wide range of sensors that meet all these requirements. What’s more, our innovative sensor solutions are also compatible with the requirements and insights of new cultivation systems as well as the latest technological advances. 

Ridder sensors and measuring systems are manufactured using only top-grade components that ensure their measurements meet the highest standards on the market. They are extremely accurate and, at the same time, highly resistant to the conditions inside a greenhouse. Ridder sensors have been specially designed for use in the most diverse conditions. The smart design of our measurement technology means that our sensors are very easy to maintain. 

Ridder’s sensor range includes various types of sensors: 

Ridder MTV Active (dry/wet bulb sensor unit for RH and temperature) 

Robust and resistant to harsh conditions.  

Ridder MTV-Go! Active 

Ridder has developed an all-new sensor unit, the MTV-Go! Active, for monitoring the air temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse. Based on our many years of experience in greenhouse monitoring, we have designed a sensor unit that is both very affordable and extremely reliable. This sensor unit no longer has a fan, but features a special conical design that allows air to flow through the unit naturally. This guarantees sufficient exchange of air. The sun hood and dual housing ensure that the readings remain accurate even if there is a high level of solar radiation.  

All the benefits of the Ridder MTV Go! Active 

        • Affordable 


        • Extremely low maintenance 


        • No moving parts that could break 


        • Compact and lightweight 


        • Temperature and RH combined in one sensor 


        • Two direct 4-20mamp analogue outputs 

Ridder Plant Temperature Sensor 

Ridder’s stable, low-maintenance PT sensors have a well-earned reputation for highly accurate and dependable plant temperature measurements. These robust sensors have been specially designed to measure the temperature of a representative area of crop. The sensors are suitable for use with any type of crop or greenhouse. Combined with the comprehensive settings and control options in the Ridder HortiMaX climate computers, Ridder’s PT sensors enable the climate in the greenhouse to be optimized and controlled in a balanced manner. 

All the benefits of the Ridder Plant Temperature Sensor 

        • Accurate 


        • Reliable 


        • Stable 


        • No maintenance 


        • Affordable 

Ridder’s range of sensors also includes: 

        • Ridder MTV-E Active (electronic sensor unit for RH and temp.) 


        • Ridder MT Active (temperature sensor unit) 


        • Ridder MCO2 (CO2 sensor unit) 


        • Ridder MTV-Go! Active (temperature sensor unit) 


        • Ridder PAR (measures usable light for plants in the greenhouse or outside) 


        • Ridder Moisture sensor (measures the moisture content, temperature and EC level of the substrate) 
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