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Ridder offers a wide range of gearboxes and cardan shafts for greenhouse horticulture. Ridder understands the importance of a good drive system for growers. We work with greenhouse builders and installers, using our expertise and innovative technology to develop the best drive solutions and make growing easier. 

These solutions not only enable growers to achieve the perfect greenhouse climate, but also give them the ultimate in reliability and peace of mind by allowing them full control over their greenhouse and the climate inside it. With the growth of greenhouse horticulture around the globe, we are also responding to the demand for drive systems that are optimized for local conditions and practices. 

We offer a wide range of gearboxes and cardan shafts that include many different models of worm wheel gearboxes, gear units, manual drive systems and sliding cardan shafts. 

'Ridder understands that good drive systems play a vital role for growers'

Richard Vollebregt, Cravo

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With over 65 years of experience and a market share of 90% in the Netherlands, the cradle of international horticulture, Ridder is the market leader for reliable, self-locking drive systems for greenhouse operations. Growers, greenhouse builders and installers around the world have all come to rely on our knowledge, service and support.

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