Ridder Productive weight tracking

Convenient solutions for recording the weight of your harvest

For growers who work with crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, it is important to log the weight of the harvest accurately.  Ridder provides a range of weighing systems that enable you to do just that.  

Our Ridder Productive weighing systems are precision devices, and their accuracy is guaranteed. They can also be integrated into existing processing methods, such as cart recognition. But they are also available as stand-alone weighing scales or mobile hoist scales, which are perfectly suited to pepper cultivation for instance. Our systems offer integrated functionality within Ridder Productive, but they are also easy to connect to third-party systems.

“It saves a tonne of time that would otherwise be spent manually entering data into the computer. Besides that, we have a lot of workers. Sometimes we have 60 pickers working at the same time. The last thing we want is for queues to form at the weighing scales. That kills your efficiency. With the mobile weighing scale, pickers can weigh straight away, and that makes a big difference.”

Jack Janssen, Sweet Lions

All the benefits at a glance

Multiple models and applications

Can be tailored to specific preferences

Compatible with automatic cart recognition

Flexible integration

Ridder Productive weight tracking

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Labour systems from Ridder

In partnership with end users, Ridder has developed versatile tracking and management systems that convert your data into improved insight and control. They enable you to motivate your employees, make changes and adjustments where necessary and save on labor costs. In addition to improving performance, our systems provide insight into quality and crop production, enabling you to monitor and optimize work processes based on business-process analytics. Ridder’s management and tracking systems will enable you to maximize the overall viability of your greenhouse or horticultural operation - on a permanent basis.

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