Ridder RMD Manual Drive

Manual operation of screen and ventilation systems gives you the ultimate in reliability



What if you cannot operate your ventilation or screen system using an automated control system? Maybe because there is no power supply where your greenhouse is located, for example. Or because the system is too expensive. No need to worry. Ridder has a practical and economical solution for this situation, too. So that you can still control the climate in your greenhouse. 

The Ridder Manual Drive (RMD) is a manual drive unit that can be used to open and close screens and ventilation systems.  The RMD comes with a hand crank and a self-braking worm gear transmission as standard. You even have the option of operating the RMD using a battery-powered drill. 

“The Ridder Manual Drive is a really useful system in challenging situations and environments.”

All the benefits of the Ridder Manual Drive at a glance

Requires no power supply

Low maintenance




Ridder Manual Drive

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