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Ridder LogicLink

The smartest, most straight-forward way to operate your greenhouse drive units

Operating the drive units and gearboxes in your greenhouse can be a real headache. After all, the position of the vents or climate screens always needs to be adjusted in a controlled and gradual manner, in order to ensure proper climate control. You also need to be able to operate the motors with a very high degree of precision, both individually and in groups.  

The Ridder LogicLink provides the perfect solution. This ready-to-use drive control system for greenhouses is the ultimate controlled and highly accurate way to operate and synchronize Ridder RW motor gearboxes, safely and without errors. The Ridder LogicLink gives you accurate control of your motors even if you do not have a climate computer. It’s a control system that you can always rely on, and it could not be simpler to install and connect. And always remember, the LogicLink’s smart built-in features guarantee the best overload protection and safety in the event of voltage fluctuations or accidents. Because safety always has to come first! 

‘With the Ridder LogicLink, it’s easy to link, control and synchronize drive units in your greenhouse, and reliable too. Under all circumstances.’

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Ridder LogicLink

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The Ridder LogicLink and the Ridder RW Motorreductor

With over 65 years of experience and a market share of 90% in the Netherlands, the cradle of international horticulture, Ridder is the market leader for reliable, self-locking drive systems for greenhouse operations. Growers, greenhouse builders and installers around the world have all come to rely on our knowledge, service and support.

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