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Ridder RPU PositioningUnit

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Every grower needs accurate control over the climate in the greenhouse. Because the better you can manage the climate in the greenhouse according to your growing strategy, the better you can respond to the needs of the crop. And the finest adjustment can make all the difference. A little less light, or a little more air. You need to be able to manage your vents and screens with precision in order to achieve the best possible greenhouse climate. 

Ridder has developed an integrated unit for exactly this purpose, which is designed to replace error-prone vent position sensors. It’s a digital position sensor that enables you to optimize and refine the climate in your greenhouse by adjusting your screens and vents with pinpoint precision. Its name is the Ridder PositioningUnit (RPU), and it tracks the exact position of all your air vents and climate screens. It then accurately feeds this data back to the climate controller. The unit gives you better control over the climate in your greenhouse by providing highly accurate data on the current position of the vents and screens. The RPU can be fitted into all RW motor gearboxes. And it means that you can dispense with separate vent position sensors. 

'Like Asthor, they are committed to guaranteeing quality and service after sales. This is one of our main reasons for working with them.'

Manuel Gerrero, Asthor

All the benefits of the Ridder PositioningUnit at a glance

Easy to install

Low maintenance

Universal system

Fully digital

No more error-prone vent position sensors

Ridder PositioningUnit

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