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Effective management of workforce, yields, quality and plant health 

Labour costs are a major challenge for growers around the world, and finding good, well-motivated staff can be just as much of a challenge. Our user-friendly tools help growers to manage their workforce and motivate employees, while also providing an insight into the quality of work being done and the how their crops are doing.  

Deploying your workforce in the most effective way and ensuring that work is done at just the right moment and in the right way can help put your crops and your business on the road to success. The timing of greenhouse operations and the quality of the work carried out have a direct impact on yields, plant health and the quality of the harvest.  

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Your workers can also help to improve plant health by scouting for quality issues, diseases and pests as they work. This is another important principle for growers: consistent scouting and timely intervention in the event of pests and diseases helps to maintain quality and improve yields. 

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Our systems feature intuitive data input systems, including fixed terminals, wireless solutions and handy apps. Whether you want to manage and plan the deployment of your workforce or optimize your operations in the greenhouse and the packaging area, Ridder Productive solutions enable you to do this easily and save time.  

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