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Empowering Autonomous Growing through Connectivity: Discover Ridder’s API Services

At Ridder, we understand the power of data and the transformative role of AI in modern agriculture. That’s why we offer robust API services, creating a seamless bridge between your greenhouse operations and the cutting-edge solutions offered by AI companies. Our mission is to simplify this integration, enabling growers worldwide to leverage AI solutions and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Greenhouse with Integrated AI Solutions

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Seamless & Secure Integration
With Ridder’s API services, you can securely connect your greenhouses to external AI service providers effortlessly. Our APIs act as a gateway, facilitating the flow of crucial data between your operations and these AI companies, while giving you full control of who has access to your data through our HortOS user management system.

Comprehensive Data Utilization 
Our API services unlock access to a wide array of data from your greenhouses—everything from climate conditions and water/fertilizer systems to labor and finances. This wealth of information enables AI companies to provide insightful and comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Hassle-Free Integration
Our API services are designed to simplify connections, not complicate them. If you have a Ridder MultiMa Climate Computer, we ensure hassle-free integration with external AI partners.

Above all, we’re committed to helping you grow your way. Our HortOS API service is a part of our holistic approach towards providing connected smart solutions, we provide solutions for all your greenhouse needs.

 Partners & AI-serviceproviders

‘Ridder’s HortOS API services are not just about technology, but about empowering growers. We believe in opening up a world of possibilities by connecting our customers with leading AI service providers. Our focus is always on providing solutions that drive efficiency, autonomy, and growth for our customers’ operations. It’s not just about what we offer, but how it adds value and simplicity to their everyday operations.’

Dionysis Tarnavas, Product Manager Ridder HortOS & API

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*At this moment our API services are only available for MultiMa climate computers.