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Ridder MultiMa

The most versatile process computer in greenhouse horticulture



Growers work day and night to keep their crops as healthy and productive as possible. This is a complex task, given the extremely advanced interplay of systems, processes, installations, strategies, schedules and technology. That task would be a lot easier with a monitoring and control system that integrates all your processes, and makes them transparent and easy to manage. The Ridder MultiMa is that system. 

The Ridder MultiMa is the most versatile automation solution on the market. It enables you to control and manage every aspect of your greenhouse, whether it involves irrigation, water treatment, climate, energy, CO2 enrichment and electricity. With the Ridder MultiMa, you can manage your entire operation from one central cockpit using the Ridder Synopta control software. An intelligent solution for commercial growers that require the ultimate in greenhouse automation. Whether it concerns geothermal energy, CHP systems, air-handling units, lighting schedules or large greenhouse complexes, the Ridder MultiMa can control it, manage settings and provide extensive analysis options.  

Ridder Synopta user interface 
You can operate the Ridder MultiMa using the Ridder Synopta control software. This software package is renowned for its comprehensive range of features and setting options. With useful features such as My Influences and My MultiMa, you can define your own controls, influences and calculations. This offers infinite possibilities and the ultimate freedom to control processes according to your individual needs. 

Ridder Synopta

A wide range of sensor equipment 
Ridder offers a comprehensive range of individual sensors and multi-sensor units for all its climate computers. Ridder systems are also compatible with third-party sensors. 


“The Ridder MultiMa, a smart investment in powerful intelligence.”

Dirk & Keith Vis and Devin Jaspers, Canadian tomato grower, Sunshine Greenhouse

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Ridder MultiMa

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Reliability & Safety
Ridder offers a Software & Services Plan for the MultiMa, providing users with support to keep their system secure and up-to-date. This offers additional peace of mind and reliability, and makes it easier to prepare the system for new technological developments and functionalities, both now and in the future.

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Our smart, user-friendly automatic control systems feature a complete range of environmental control functions. These systems allow greenhouse operations to continue growing in both scale and complexity, while operators will have no problem mastering new aspects of the system as it is upgraded. Our climate computers are specifically designed to help you manage scarce resources such as energy, water and other resources, so you can produce crops with maximum efficiency.

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