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Quick and flexible data entry for open-field or greenhouse cultivation



Regardless of their location, every grower will benefit from a labour-tracking and management system. In open-field cultivation or a simple greenhouse, for instance, it is every bit as important to monitor operations as it is in high-tech greenhouse.  

But what if no fixed terminal network or extensive mobile data-entry system is possible? And what about situations in which a major investment in hardware or network cabling isn’t worth it? Ridder Productive has developed an application specifically for use in such cases. This Ridder Productive Team app is fully self-contained and requires no network connection.

You can use the Ridder Productive Team app to track the work done by a group of employees and manage their working hours and productivity better. Enabling you to take the performance of your whole team up to the next level. The app on the handheld tablet works just as well offline as it does online, and it makes the system so simple to use. 

The Ridder Productive team app is extremely versatile and can be fully configured according to your particular needs and preferences.  

“The app’s intuitive design prevents input errors and ensures that the data captured is reliable and accurate.”

Klaas Niewold, Flevoplant

All the benefits at a glance

Quick and accurate data logging

Very simple to operate


Works both online and offline


Ridder Productive for teams

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In partnership with end users, Ridder has developed versatile tracking and management systems that convert your data into improved insight and control. They enable you to motivate your employees, make changes and adjustments where necessary and save on labor costs. In addition to improving performance, our systems provide insight into quality and crop production, enabling you to monitor and optimize work processes based on business-process analytics. Ridder’s management and tracking systems will enable you to maximize the overall viability of your greenhouse or horticultural operation - on a permanent basis.

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