Ridder Light Restriction Screens

The ultimate solution for minimizing light pollution


light pollution

In order to prevent supplemental lighting from being emitted into the surrounding area, it is vital to use a blackout screen that reduces light pollution as much as possible. The screen must also be able to withstand high temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouse. 

Ridder Light Restriction Screens provide a high degree of light exclusion but, at the same time, still allow sufficient heat through. In addition to being fire-retardant, the screen also has excellent moisture-regulating properties thanks to the special weave of its innovative fabric. The white reflective material on both the inside and outside of the screen enables you to control the temperature in the greenhouse and reflects light back into the greenhouse. 

Using Ridder Light Restriction screens, the crop will benefit from the best possible climate inside the greenhouse, and the grower can comply with the strict regulations that apply to the use of supplemental lighting. 

The Ridder Light Restriction Screens give me complete control over light emissions and the greenhouse climate’

All the benefits of Ridder Light Restriction Screens

Socially responsible and sustainable

Temperature control

High-quality material

Moisture regulation

Fire retardant

Ridder Light Restriction Screens

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