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Renovations and investments in new projects; as a result of attractive subsidies and financing opportunities the Greece horticulture sector is subject to new positive developments. To support the introduction of new production practices, the University of Thessaly recently opened an all-new Demo Greenhouse with some of the latest cutting-edge greenhouse technology.

The new greenhouse facilities of the University of Thessaly in Velestino have been designed with the purpose to research the possibilities of low-input cultivation. Inside the 1,440 m2 polycarbonate greenhouse six individual research compartments of a little less than 250 m2 have been created. Inside these compartments, various crops and climate strategies can be applied and compared to each other. Thanks to the use of smart Ridder RPD PolyDrive drive motors provided by Ridder, all of the ventilation and screening systems in the Demonstration Greenhouse can be perfectly individually controlled and precisely used to create the desired climate for each of the individual sectors.

Currently, UTH’s School of Agriculture Sciences is researching various applications of new technological solutions related to hydroponic systems, water management, and nutrient management. Current crops under investigation are tomatoes, leafy greens, and aromatic herbs. Aside from the research studies, the new facilitates will also serve as a demonstration site for the various collaborating companies in the project. Ridder and their local partner Agrotekniki are proud stakeholders in the project. It will provide local growers with new insights and support the further development of the Greece horticulture sector.