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Eric Rojas | Solar Garden

Revolutionizing Sustainable Tomato Farming in Mexico: The Solar Garden Story

For over a decade, Solar Garden has been a longtime customer of Ridder. Founded with a mission to produce vegetables with excellence, profitability, and social and environmental responsibility, Solar Garden has been a leading player in the Mexican greenhouse farming industry.

Over the years, Solar Garden has grown and expanded its operations with multiple phases, starting with the AgroPark in Queretaro, Mexico, in 2011. The start of this project included 5 hectares and a 0.5-hectare demo plot with a glasshouse. In 2013, they expanded with a second phase of 5 more hectares. In 2022, they added a third phase on another location with the Solar Garden Atongo project, covering 7.5 hectares. Solar Garden is planning another expansion at Atongo of another 7.5 hectares in the coming years to continue their mission of producing specialty tomatoes with excellence, profitability, and sustainability.

Solar Garden uses a range of Ridder’s innovative products across their projects, including MultiMa climate computers, FertiMiX fertigation systems, ProDrain irrigation optimization systems, and VitaLite UV-disinfection systems. In addition, they use Ridder Productive labor management solutions to optimize quality and productivity.

In this video testimonial, you’ll get an inside look at Solar Garden’s greenhouse operations and hear from the team about their commitment to sustainability, technology, and high-quality produce. Discover how Solar Garden is revolutionizing sustainable tomato farming in Mexico and why their approach is a model for the future of greenhouse farming worldwide.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Ridder’s advanced greenhouse automation and management solutions can help you achieve excellence, profitability, and sustainability in your greenhouse operation, reach out to our specialists today.

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