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Plant Grower P. Mostert

“Focus on quality and sustainability”

Dutch plant grower Kwekerij P. Mostert is a typical Westland-based family business that has been growing plants in their nursery in s-Gravenzande for more than 70 years. Grower John Mostert attaches great importance to quality and sustainability. For this reason, the greenhouse consists of several departments, each of which can be individually controlled to control the energy supply as efficiently as possible and to create the most ideal climate conditions for each type of cultivation.

Aluminum shade cloth
To optimize the climate conditions in a number of the departments, Ridder partner A1 Tuinbouwtechniek recently renovated the screen installations at P.Mostert’s nursery. In one of the departments, the new fire-retardant aluminum shade cloth RSS 16 FR from Ridder has been installed. The cloth has aluminum strips above and white strips at the bottom. With this cloth, the crop in the greenhouse can be well protected during the day against the sun’s radiation because it is well reflected.  The aluminum shade cloth gives the plants the right protection against the harsh light of the sun and the growth quality can be well controlled. The white material on the inner side provides optimal reflection and distribution of light in the greenhouse. During the night, the aluminum provides extra energy savings because it also reflects the cold radiation.  

Diffuse light
In addition to the fire-retardant aluminum cloth, another department was renovated with a new RLD 50 FR screen. This fabric provides the crop with optimal diffuse light and beautiful distribution of daylight in the greenhouse, resulting in a nice and even growth.

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