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9 October 2023

Ridder North America Relocates to State-of-the-Art Facility in Solon, Ohio

Ridder is thrilled to announce the relocation of its North American headquarters to a state-of-the-art facility in Solon, Ohio. This strategic move reaffirms Ridder’s commitment to innovation, customer excellence, and providing cutting-edge solutions to the greenhouse and indoor farming industry across North America.

The new headquarters in Solon, Ohio, will serve as the hub for Ridder’s North American operations, overseeing satellite and service locations in Leamington, Canada, and Queretaro, Mexico. This centralized approach will enhance coordination, collaboration, and streamlined support to Ridder’s valued customers and partners throughout the region.

“We are excited to take this pivotal step forward as we relocate our North American office and warehouse to Solon, Ohio,” said Lynda Gallagher, Americas Sales and Service Operations Manager at Ridder. “This new facility will not only elevate our capabilities but also reinforce our commitment to delivering unparalleled horticulture automation solutions that empower growers to achieve excellence in their operations.”

The advanced facility in Solon, Ohio, is set to offer expanded workspace and warehousing opportunities. This move will enhance Ridder North America’s capacity to provide exceptional customer service, technical support, and training programs to CEA-industry professionals across the continent.

As Ridder North America finalizes the transition from its former location in Oakwood Village, Ohio, to its new location in Solon, the company is committed to ensuring a seamless transition that minimizes disruptions to ongoing operations, customer engagement, and partnerships.

New contact details:

Ridder North America
5201 Naiman Parkway
Suite E
Solon, Ohio 44139,
United States

Lynda Gallagher – Sales & Service Operations Manager
T: 1.855.322.1400 x 303
C: 1.440.384.9739

Ridder North America

5201 Naiman Parkway, Suite E, Solon, Ohio 44139, U.S.A.

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Ridder North America

5201 Naiman Parkway, Suite E, Solon, Ohio 44139, U.S.A.