Ridder Light Diffusion Screens Open (RLD 15 FR O)

Product data  
Application Inside
Main Function High-quality diffuse daylight with ventilation
Systeem Sliding and Hanging
Composition 100% Polyester
Pattern 2 transparent diffuse, 1 open
Yarn White yarns
Flame retardant Yes, NTA 8825:2010
Warranty description Five years under all types of greenhouse covering, see Ridder Climate Screens limited warranty.
Mechanical properties Value
Screen weight 54 gr/m2
width of the strips 4 mm
Physical Properties Value
Shading level in direct light PAR* 13%
Shading level in diffused light PAR* 25%
HortiScatter 34%
Energie saving 16%

*PAR = 400-700 mm, accuracy +/- 1%

When daylight is distributed better and can penetrate further into the greenhouse, this benefits the quality and consistency of the crop. In addition, diffuse and indirect light reduces the risk of leaf scorching and plant stress. This maximizes crop health, resulting in higher yields.
Ridder Light-Diffusion Screens have been specially developed to distribute sunlight over the crop as efficiently as possible. In addition to better light distribution, the screen also ensures a milder climate in the greenhouse.

Many crops grown in a range of climates benefit from diffuse light. That’s why our diffusion screens come in two variants, one with an open structure and one with a closed structure. This enables growers in both warm and cold climates to provide the best light for their crops.

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“Having run a potted plant nursery for over 11 years, I know from personal experience how important it is for growers to maintain the ideal climate in the greenhouse. This experience, combined with my knowledge of climate screens that I gained working for a screen installation firm, enable me to help growers, installers and greenhouse builders find a best-fit screen solution. Every grower has different climate needs, and it’s always very rewarding to be able to fulfil those needs together with my colleagues at Ridder. What I enjoy most when searching for the best climate solution is my one-on-one contact with our customers.” -Johan van Erven, Commercial Product Specialist Climate Screens.

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Climate screens from Ridder

Our wide range of climate screens have been designed to help growers around the world to improve the climate in their greenhouses. By working closely with greenhouse builders and installers, we are able to find the perfect solution for even the most demanding screening requirements, in relation to light distribution, climate control, energy-saving, light exclusion (blackout) and protection from sunlight.

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