Ridder NoNa+

No more worries about excess sodium



It has been described as revolutionary: the Ridder NoNa+ is the ultimate solution for reducing the sodium content of recirculation water. What is really special about this innovative solution is that the sodium is removed selectively from the drain water. The Ridder NoNa+ combines membrane technology with electrolysis treatment. And because it targets only the sodium ions, all the other nutrients remain available for your crops. That means that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of recirculation without worrying about a build-up of excess sodium in your irrigation water.

And the lower sodium content of the drain and irrigation water also means that you can achieve higher yields and better quality. 

This water treatment unit has won both the Sival Innovation Award and the GreenTech Innovation Award. Two wonderful accolades in recognition of its impact on reducing the water footprint of the horticultural sector around the world. But above all, the Ridder NoNa+ makes good sense for almost any greenhouse operation because it is efficient, affordable, and can be integrated into many different growing environments. The Ridder NoNa+ has also been added to the list of recognized treatment units in the Netherlands. 

“The Ridder NoNa + is in line with the water and sustainability transition in which Dutch horticulture and the sector elsewhere in the world finds itself. The innovative technology of the Ridder NoNa + has also been recognized. Ridder NoNa + is a ‘new innovation: combining membrane technology and electrolysis treatment.”

Jury GreenTech Innovation Award

All the benefits at a glance

Reduces sodium content in drain water

Higher quality and yields

No loss of valuable nutrients

Maximizes recirculation

Certified water purifier

Ridder NoNa+

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