Ridder HortiJet

Effective irrigation for soil-based crops



For soil-based crops, a bypass system that injects fertilizers directly into the main irrigation line is the most efficient solution. Ridder has developed the HortiJet for exactly this purpose: a smart direct-injection system which doses fertilizer directly into the supply pipe. The HortiJet’s smart and practical design makes efficient and affordable irrigation possible for many different types of grower. 

Ridder’s HortiJet bypass unit is exceptionally versatile and very intuitive to operate. You can even control it remotely via the cloud. The HortiJet has a mixing chamber that helps the fertilizers to mix fully with the irrigation water. And thanks to its durable vertical pump, the HortiJet can accommodate a wide range of mains pressures. The Ridder HortiJet is designed to be small and compact, and yet it can still handle very high irrigation capacities effortlessly.  

‘The Ridder HortiJet is a practical bypass solution for every grower of soil-based crops’

The benefits of the Ridder HortiJet at a glance

Easy to operate

Easy to operate




Ridder HortiJet

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