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The importance of clean water is accepted by everyone, especially in countries like the Netherlands where water is abundant. It is not longer permitted to discharge wastewater containing plant protection products and fertilizers, and this is no longer the way we do things. We can only do this if we first purify it. Legal water-purification requirements state that 95% of plant protection products and fertilizer residues must be removed from water before it can be discharged. You can do this rapidly and effectively using the Ridder CleanLite 
The combination of UV radiation and hydrogen peroxide is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of removing harmful substances from water. This natural biological method enables residual water flows to be safely discharged to surface water or into the sewerage system.  
But you don’t need to take our word for it that the Ridder CleanLite is the best in its class. The unit was awarded ‘best choice’ according to the calculation tool developed by Wageningen University & Research (WUR). And the Evaluation Committee for Greenhouse Horticulture Treatment Installations (BZG) also approved the unit as an ‘accredited system’. These accolades demonstrate that you can depend on Ridder CleanLite for reliable purification. 
The Ridder CleanLite works independently of other greenhouse systems. The ‘stand-alone’ unit is easy to integrate and can be used in any environment. It is available with a capacity starting at 10m³ per day upwards. This modern and user-friendly treatment unit is also compact and affordable – it’s all you need to purify your wastewater.  

“We simply felt it was important to comply in good time with all the legislation and regulations surrounding water purification. We came across the CleanLite through our regular installer BE De Lier; the unit was easy to install, and also did not require a huge investment. The CleanLite could easily be integrated into our existing system.”

Paul Moerman, sweet pepper grower, Dalipa

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Ridder CleanLite

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