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Kwekerij Overgaag

“Unique digital feedback enhances screen system accuracy and reliability”

Last year was an important year for the family-owned greenhouse grower Kwekerij Overgaag, located in the Westland region of the Netherlands. This bell pepper grower expanded its operations by adding 4.4 hectares in new-build greenhouses, taking its total surface area to over 28 hectares. Martijn Keijzer was responsible for all technical support for the project on behalf of Kwekerij Overgaag, including the installation of all electrical and water systems. This was a very special and large-scale project, and Martijn had no hesitation about opting for Ridder’s new SynCore synchronized control system.

The Ridder SynCore control set with digital touch interface guides the installation of the synchronized motor control system, making it easier and faster.

Precision screening
When they were tendering for the new-build greenhouse project, Kwekerij Overgaag expressed a strong preference for the installation of a synchronized control system for the screen system. “We’ve been aware of the advantages of Ridder’s Logic Link system ever since the construction of one of our other greenhouses in 2006. As a grower, the system enables you to control the screen system very accurately, giving you precision control. This is very important for larger compartments with multiple drive motors. When we started work on the new-build project, we found out that Ridder was developing a new generation of synchronized motor control systems. So we volunteered to be a pilot company for this new system through our partner Stolze.”

The new generation of Ridder SynCore synchronized motor control systems is unusually easy to use thanks to its use of new, state-of-the-art components. The new system has countless useful new features that improve the operational reliability of the screen system and make the synchronized control system a piece of cake to install. “We installed and connected the entire system ourselves, including the cabling,’ says Martijn proudly. The technical specialist at Kwekerij Overgaag even built all the control cabinets all by himself. “Thanks to the help and support of our partner, Stolze, we are so pleased with the final result,’ says Martijn.

Martijn Keijzer: “We installed and connected the entire system ourselves, including the cabling.”

Pinpoint control
The new Ridder SynCore system helps to maintain the best possible climate inside the greenhouse by providing pinpoint control over the whole screen system, even in the largest greenhouses or compartments. Vincent Hoveling, Product Manager of Drive Systems at Ridder, explains that this high degree of accuracy is possible thanks to the unique digital feedback that comes from the screen motors. “That means that the system and the climate computer can always determine the position of the screen installation with complete accuracy. The system and components inside the motors also include other smart kit that can gather valuable information from the screen system. For example, the system can monitor the load on the drive motors, and provide maintenance information or even warnings. This also improves the reliability of the screening system and extends its lifespan.

During the development of the Ridder SynCore, the focus was very much on designing a user-friendly system for both growers and installers. This has resulted in a highly user-friendly installation process, as well as a number of remarkable features. For instance, the synchronous control comes with a digital touch interface that can be placed inside the SynCore cabinet. “The design of the user interface is extremely user-friendly and provides step-by-step guidance both during the installation process and when the system is being set up and used for the first time,” explains Martijn. “This not only makes it easier to set up the screen system, but faster, too. In addition, in the event of an outage or other unexpected emergency, the Ridder SynCore interface enables the end user to get the screen system up and running again in no time – without the help of an installer.”

In the greenhouse of Kwekerij Overgaag, both the upper and lower screens are controlled by a Ridder SynCore synchronized control system in two compartments.

The Ridder SynCore System
The Ridder SynCore synchronized control system consists of two different components that combined provide optimal synchronous control of the screen section.

Ridder SynCore RW Motor Unit
Control unit fitted directly onto the RW motor gearboxes, provides position feedback and maximum control of the drive unit.

Ridder SynCore Control Set
Central control cabinet in the greenhouse, ensures the synchronous control of a system of up to six RW motors.