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Jungle Talks Matercourse Vegetables

“Profoundable inventions that can help us achieve our goals for the future”


the Pro Manager Mastercourse

Ridder is a proud partner of the Pro Manager Mastercourse; a two-week program that provides young horticulture entrepreneurs with the unique opportunity to discuss the future of their greenhouse business with the captains of the Dutch horticulture industry.

The Mastercouse group consists of 15 inspiring horticultural managers between 25 and 40 years old, who will soon play a leading role in the future development of vegetable production in their country/region in an innovative and sustainable way. During their visit at Ridder, Chief Innovation Officer Joep van den Bosch kickstarted an inspiring session program in line with the ‘Helping You Grow Your’ brand promise of Ridder. The group discussed the necessity to adapt technology and knowledge to local markets. As well as this, the impact of important future developments in the field of data analysis, AI, machine learning and the autonomous greenhouse provided inspiring food for thought. The day was concluded with a field-visit to the innovation center of Ridder ambassador Duijvestijn Tomaten, one of the most sustainable and forward-thinking greenhouse growers in the world. Award-winning grower Ted Duijvestijn provided the group with inspiring insights on energy efficient greenhouse production and produce marketing.