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On route to year round production in Almeria

Growers in Almeria have started to pioneer with more advanced production systems. Instead of outsourcing their production, growers are investing in technology and systems to enable year round production in the heart of Spain’s horticulture industry.

One of these forward thinking companies is Hortisur2000, a family greenhouse business in the town of Campohermoso. The brothers Francisco and Sergio Vizcaíno approached Spanish greenhouse constructor Inverca and greenhouse solutions provider Ridder to realize one of the largest and modern multitunnel greenhouse structures in the South of Spain. Spanning a total acreage of 70,000 square meters and backed by an investment of roughly 3,5 million euro, the new greenhouse enables the Vizcaíno brothers to strengthen the relationships with their European customers.

Year round production
The development of the project is an important step for the horticulture industry in Almeria. Unlike the other much seen traditional ‘parral greenhouses’ in this region, the new operation was designed with the purpose to create the most ideal environment to grow high yielding quality tomato crops year round. With a traditional parral greenhouse this goal could not be achieved, as the design and technology level of the parral greenhouse makes it impossible to maintain a beneficial growing climate during the ruthlessly warm Spanish summer months.

Ideal climate, anytime of the season
In order to establish a yearround growing climate, the Vizcaíno brothers decided to choose for, according to Spanish standards, not so ordinary technology; the five meter tall greenhouse is equipped with automated ventilation and Ridder RPD drive systems in the top and gable, a high pressure fog system for adiabatic cooling, CO2 dosing systems, thermal screening and fully automated irrigation systems. The entire operation is controlled by a Ridder HortiMaX CX500 greenhouse control computer, which enables flexible, yet advanced control over the climate and irrigation strategy in the various sectors of the greenhouse. In this way the growing environment can be precisely tailored to the needs of the crop anytime of the season.

Stronger position in marketplace
The investments in the greenhouse technology can be justified thanks to the unique marketing position that is created by the grower; thanks to investing in the right technology, he is now able to deliver his clients year round, becomes a preferred supplier and created a stronger position in his marketplace.

For Ridder and Inverca it is not the first time to partner on such an outstanding project. The two companies delivered a similar turnkey for the Spanish R&D location of Japanese seed breeder Sakata Seeds in the town of Vicar. Just like the project of Hortisur2000, it illustrates the development and potential of the Spanish horticulture sector, which is increasingly open for new ideas and opportunities.

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