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Kaisheng Haofeng Company

Dutch experience helps China’s future agriculture!

Kaishen Hofeng – Shandong Qingdao Laixi, covering 14 hectares, mainly grows six types of tomatoes, more than 180,000 plants in total. The growth of these plants are precisely controlled and monitored by Ridder’s intelligent climate control system, labor management system and Ridder ProDrain system.  


Ridder intelligent climate control system helps growers integrate all processes in the greenhouse, ensuring precise control from temperature to energy and making it transparent and easy to manage. All this has made Ridder climate control system become the most versatile automation solution in the horticulture industry today.


Ridder intelligent climate control system can provide fully and accurately control and provide with a wide range of analysis options regarding every aspects of a greenhouse whether it’s irrigation, fertilization, climate, energy, etc.


Ridder labor management system enables statistical analysis of each employee’s performance, preparation of production plans for agricultural operations, marking and tracking pest and disease. It is also possible to keep these records and automatically generate reports regarding labor efficiency. Which facilitates production management analysis, efficiency improvement and pest and disease monitoring.


Ridder ProDrain measures the weight of the gutter plus the substrate, the weight of the crop and the volume of irrigation and drain water – 24 hours a day.   With Ridder ProDrain, the grower has the ultimate overview of how well the crop is growing. It also shows you how to optimize irrigation and the climate inside the greenhouse.


Irrigation can also be controlled automatically based on the measurements taken by Ridder ProDrain. Optimized irrigation not only ensures that your crops will always have enough water, but also minimizes the amount of drain water. And the Ridder ProDrain means you can save on both water and fertilizers.


For more than 65 years, Ridder has been providing the global horticulture sector with smart, well-designed technical solutions that make growing in large-scale greenhouses simpler, more sustainable and more efficient.

Ridder ProDrain