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Duijvestijn Tomaten

Duijvestijn Tomaten first to use new Ridder summer screen

The phase 2 greenhouse expansion of Duijvestijn Tomaten has been equipped with an advanced double screen installation by our partner Schermned. In this greenhouse, the grower has opted for a combination of the Ridder RES 10 FR energy screen and the new diffuse Ridder RLD 15 FR O shade screen.


Ridder RLD 15 FR O is a diffuse screen that has been specially developed to protect the crop against sharp light on sunny days. Ridder developed the Ridder Light Diffusion RLD 15 FR O screen together with Duijvestijn Tomaten in Pijnacker. For their new unlit five-hectare greenhouse, the grower was looking for a screen fabric that protects the crop against excessive radiation during the hot summer days and offers optimal ventilation. Together with the grower and installer Schermned, a fabric was developed that met the specific requirements of the grower.

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