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Ridder Synopta Tips & Tricks

Discover hidden errors in your climate strategy using table graphs

In short

Statistical tables in your climate control software can host a wealth of information. Unfortunately, it is hard to find relations just looking at endless rows of numbers. A new powerful table graph feature within Ridder Synopta climate software lets you discover the relations in the growing factors and show you in an instant where you deviate from set strategy.

When creating a new day table within Ridder Synopta, you can select statistics of all measured growing factors like CO2, Radiation sum, irrigation volume, temperature in the night, day or 24-hour average. By creating a statistical table graph you can now plot this factors against each other and find correlation between them. For instance the Correlation between temperature and radiation or irrigation and radiation. In this graph, a so called scatterplot, you can discover in one glance any deviations of the strategy. In Ridder Synopta climate control software you can create your own table graphs and find out how you are doing. Need help creating tables? Please contact our consultants that are available via our helpdesk.

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