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Cravo combines nature, automatic protection and climate optimization in one single solution

At Ridder we are proud of the long-standing relationship we have with Cravo; the world’s leading manufacturer of retractable roof greenhouses. In this short video, Cravo’s president Richard Vollebregt shares the purpose and philosophy behind these remarkable greenhouse structures.

Retractable roof system
Cravo’s retractable roofs allow growers to combine nature, automatic protection and climate optimization through the automatic opening and closing of the roof based on the outdoor weather conditions.

Global presence
Cravo, a family-owned company, has been in business for 42 years and is active on all six continents. They always equip their projects with drive systems from Ridder. When asked about their preference for Ridder, Vollebregt states that “We’ve been using Ridder drives for approximately 38 years. One of the reasons that we do use Ridder is the fact that because we are on all these continents, Ridder is also active on those continents. We know that there’s going to be service in case people need replacement motors or parts, that they are locally available”.

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