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Kaisheng Haofeng

China’s largest high-tech vegetable greenhouse

The Chinese horticulture venture Kaisheng Haofeng has ambitious plans to become one of China’s largest high tech greenhouse growers. The joint venture between the Chinese CNBM group and Triumph Haofen Smart Agriculture Co., Ltd invests heavily in setting up new high tech greenhouse operations. The group recently planted the first tomato crops in a brand new 26-hectare glass greenhouse in Dezhou.

Largest single-site greenhouse in China
With 26 hectares of production area, the new greenhouse of Kaisheng Haofeng is currently the largest single-site high tech vegetable greenhouse operation in mainland China. It was realized by the Chinese CNBM Group who contracted Ridder-partner Dalsem to build the greenhouse project turnkey. Dalsem included the complete line-up of Ridder solutions in the project; Ridder climate control systems, Ridder water treatment, Ridder drive systems, Ridder labor management, and Ridder screen systems.

Integrated solution
Since the greenhouse environment is quite large, the growers of the Kaisheng Haofeng greenhouse project were looking for a complete automation solution to control the climate, irrigation, and operational processes. They opted for the advanced Ridder MultiMa climate computer with Ridder Synopta control software to manage the climate, irrigation, and energy in detail. The Ridder Water Treatment Systems installed at the project, such as the Ridder FertiMix fertigation units and Ridder VitaLite UV-treatment systems are directly controlled from the very same system. The synergy with the other Ridder solutions installed, such as the Ridder drive systems to control ventilation and screening, Ridder Energy Saving and Ridder Sun Shading Screens and Ridder Productive labor management systems, guarantees that all cultivation related automation and technology installed in the greenhouse is flawlessly working together.

First phase
The project in Dezhou is one of many projects that the Chinese joint-venture of Kaisheng Haofeng currently realizes in China. As a result of the increasing demand for high-quality, sustainably grown greenhouse vegetables, the group is furthermore constructing other high-tech vegetable production nearby other large densely populated areas. As the Kaisheng Haofeng Group aims at producing in the most efficient way, the integration of high-tech Dutch greenhouse structures and production systems is preferred at all of these projects.